About Gurukulam Kalari Sangam

Gurukulam Kalari is a traditional Kalaripayattu institution established by Late Sri. Mc Nanu Gurukkal.

Gurukulam Kalari is based in Kadirur(Thalassey) Kannur District Kerala. Since time immoral traditional Kalari has been practiced here in Northern Malabar. But off late there has been lot of modification in the practice to attend larger audience.

Sri MC.Nanu Gurukkal was born on Aug 20th 1942. Gurukkal received deeksha from Kunchambu Gurukkal and was trained basic mepayatu under Malisheri Balan Gurukkal.

Later on he recieved advanced training on Weapons and Marma Techniques from Koyappal Sankaran Gurukkal, Kumaran Gurukkal, Kanari Gurukkal and Sri Jayan Gurukkal.

In 1970 Nanu Gurukkal started Gurukulam Kalari Sangam and was a prominent and founding member of Kannur Kalari Association.

More than 3000+ disciples had the opportunity to be trained under him.

It was only in Sep 2012 a permanent Kalari was established near to Sree Kurumba Kavu(Pulliode) Thalassery.

He has received few awards and recognisation.

Gurukkal and his mates had the oppurtunity to peform in presense of Late Rajeev Gandhi during SAARC meeting held in banglore in 1978.

Gurukkal also has few international Disciples. Who still visit. Kyoko Thakahashi from Japan is currently a Gurukkal teaching in Japan.

During later years Gurukkal was more committed to treating critical cases of fracture, Dislocation, severe muscle injury and other rejected hopeless cases. But that didn’t make him unattend his disciples. Till his late ages he was very committed and full of energy to teach and learn more.

Gurukkal departed on 7th Nov 2012.

His traditional is being carried on by his son cum disciple Sri Shylesh Gurukkal. He is well experienced and trained in Kalaripayattu and Marma treatment. Just after 14 years of age Shylesh Gurukkal was full time involved in Kalari learning and teaching new disciples. At age 17 he started giving Kalari massage by this time he had completely learned basics of Kalaripayattu and Marmas.

Shylesh Gurukkal is expert at NavaraKizhi, pizhichil, Chavitti Uzhichil.

In 2005 he demostrated traditional Kalari for 3 university in Japan for their learning purpose and energy points(computer monitored).

Currently Shylesh Gurukkal manages Kalari and even attends patients along with his dedicated disciples.

Gurukulam Kalari Sangam has now formed Nanu Gurukkal Memorial Trust for the smooth operation of kalari and other activity.

Currently Gurukulam kalari offers

1. Stage Performances.
2. Kalaripayattu classes and even workshops.
3. Marma chikitsa (Ayurvedic treatment).

Video by a Disciple

Kalaripayattu from Ruchi ANADKAT on Vimeo.

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